Saturday, July 20, 2013

City Built Around A Giant Hole

Concept environment - I just can't get enough of those! Practice makes perfect as they say, theme comes from and another of their environment contests. Values study is a must stage when producing any artwork in my opinion. I might turn this one day into more developed matte shot.

My entry was winning work on that activity.

After Earth - Concept Art

During the production of After Earth at one point producers ( in that case that was Will Smith ) decided for the home planet of the main characters to appear more alien-like. At Iloura we were working on couple of shots related to that environment. That briefing came quite late in the production therefore the concepts were created considerably fast - within few hours. I ended up preparing around 10 options of the alteration from which one was selected for final matte painting conversion. My colleague Alan Lam was the matte painter of the final shot which is shown on the last frame of the gif sequence.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dune World - Environment concept art

My entry to the online environment concept design competition on CG HUB. This is a great site with some stunning artwork - highly recommend visiting. I will try to participate more often now.
Attached image represents desert setting or 'Dune World' as the subject of the challenge states. Painted in Photoshop in around 6 hours. Some textures used. No tracing.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Great Gatsby - 2nd matte painting of The Valley Of The Ashes

The daytime view proved to be much more challenging as the request at the end of the production was to indicate farm fields in front of the valley.

Final matte painting was produced in collaboration with Alan Lam and Andrew Clarke - both matte painters in Iloura. We couldn't get it done without supervision of Julian Dimsey and Glenn Melenhorst who personally stepped in at the end and finished off the painting being the most experienced matte painter in our team.