Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sketch Of The Day | 29 08 2012

Few days break but here comes another painting exercise. Tough one I must say. Quite challenging color palette at this atmospheric Indian market. Painted from photo reference - Photoshop 2.5h, no color sampling used. Photo reference : Kiwix -

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MPC Matte Competition

I am participating in MPC competition - 'Alien Cloudscape'. Please check out WIP thread here - I will post results in September. Fingers crossed :)

Entry Option 01 attached. Working on the second option and then I will make the decision which one to submit.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sketch Of The Day | 22 08 2012

Finished in 2.5h in Photoshop. Again - no colors were sampled, painted from photo reference.   I dedicate this painting to my first boss from Sydney Architectural Viz company that I worked for ( hint - message behind the painting makes more sense in Chinese).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sketch Of The Day | 21 08 2012

This time it's Photoshop - 1.5h . Random photo from the net. No color sampling used, painted just from the reference.

Sketch Of The Day

So I just came across this book called "Eat That Frog". I highly recommend it for finding great way to manage your time and hopefully changing your life! Simple but very effective ideas.
One of the main points in building your future is producing a list of tasks that will help to reach your goals and dreams. Without sharing my dreams with you ( yet :) ) I decided to do one digital sketch ( speed painting ) per day of environment or something that appeal to me and serves as good painting exercise.

Here we go then, first painting of a photograph by James Neeley ( great landscape photographer in my opinion ) . Let's see for how long I will keep doing those  - painted in Art Rage in 1.5h including small final tweaks in PS.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sky Fortress

Environment concept for Gnomon Workshop image contest. The idea is no surprise after watching Avatar. Hovering mountain formations that can be a great protection from above, Fortress of Medth inhabitants suffer from constant lack of drinking water and ground to walk on. Armed to the teeth never been conquered...
Concept painting made in Photoshop with use of some textures and basic 3d model for perspective guidance. I started with finding an interesting sky seen from above the first layer of clouds. I then extended it by painting missing parts and came up with basic sketch/composition. This was developed to the form you see here through 3d modeling and painting over it. Pretty basic right now and would need much more detailing for high resolution modeling but the idea is delivered... I think :) Is it really a fortress?  hmmm, rather not - Sky city maybe...