Monday, July 18, 2016

Tokyo | matte painting

Matte painting for Joseph Wong an independent filmmaker. Joe needed a post apocalyptic Tokyo stylized slightly into anime direction - hence gentle black outline to all elements. Plate indicated below. Soon, we will be able to see final video clip that Joe and his team created where my painting was used. Final panorama was 180 degrees wide.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gods Of Egypt | matte painting

Bek entering Temple Of Anubis.

Im pleased to be sharing some of my matte work produced for Gods Of Egypt. Attached is a background that I spent on the longest period during the production. It was a challenging look that we needed to find even with the support of the original concept work. In this particular film concept images were not perfectly matched with final look and a lot of development went into pleasing the client and the director as they kept looking for alternative looks.

On this environment I also had an opportunity to design the Anubis statue's feet as well as did painting over the obelisks assets which were modeled and needed some blending in. Additional elements that I was responsible also were: adding the textures to the white statue on the left and its joint with the ground, extending the foreground as live-action plate was limited.

This version of the painting is not the final. It is a comp capture hence poor sharpness. Compositing Will Towle, Archie Dowell, Gabriel Reichle. Supervision Andrew Hellen