Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gods Of Egypt | matte painting

Bek entering Temple Of Anubis.

Im pleased to be sharing some of my matte work produced for Gods Of Egypt. Attached is a background that I spent on the longest period during the production. It was a challenging look that we needed to find even with the support of the original concept work. In this particular film concept images were not perfectly matched with final look and a lot of development went into pleasing the client and the director as they kept looking for alternative looks.

On this environment I also had an opportunity to design the Anubis statue's feet as well as did painting over the obelisks assets which were modeled and needed some blending in. Additional elements that I was responsible also were: adding the textures to the white statue on the left and its joint with the ground, extending the foreground as live-action plate was limited.

This version of the painting is not the final. It is a comp capture hence poor sharpness. Compositing Will Towle, Archie Dowell, Gabriel Reichle. Supervision Andrew Hellen

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