Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hiszpanka matte work

Since 'Hiszpanka' was just released I can share the work I have produced for the film. It has been quite a while ago ( June 2012 ) and I must say I would like to revisit the painting - especially since it was prepared in a rush over a 3 days time period. I feel I also gained more experience during the last 2 years and would perhaps finish off the painting in a different manner.

My task was to create a background for passing train shown through nodal pan camera motion. The middle section was not to be visible, since it would be fully obstructed by the train - therefore less attention there. The idea was to have significantly different moods on each side of the shot - connection of weather fronts if you like. I have matched the 3d model of the train tracks into the perspective and rendered it out in 3ds Max. The rest was comped in Photoshop including integration of the tracks with the snowy ground. The painting has been revised down in Platige before the final version of the shot was approved.

Check out the gif animation for the main stages.