Monday, August 6, 2012

Sky Fortress

Environment concept for Gnomon Workshop image contest. The idea is no surprise after watching Avatar. Hovering mountain formations that can be a great protection from above, Fortress of Medth inhabitants suffer from constant lack of drinking water and ground to walk on. Armed to the teeth never been conquered...
Concept painting made in Photoshop with use of some textures and basic 3d model for perspective guidance. I started with finding an interesting sky seen from above the first layer of clouds. I then extended it by painting missing parts and came up with basic sketch/composition. This was developed to the form you see here through 3d modeling and painting over it. Pretty basic right now and would need much more detailing for high resolution modeling but the idea is delivered... I think :) Is it really a fortress?  hmmm, rather not - Sky city maybe...

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  1. Cool idea and great execution, as always :) Best, Adam.