Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Temple of Kong - Final matte painting

Here is finished " Temple of Kong" matte painting for the CG Channel competition. You can find the sketch for this competition in one of the previous posts. The plan was to include ZBrush sculpt in the foreground but unfortunately I ran out of time. I might do projection in the future and post it here so come back sometime. The WIP thread that shows few steps of the process can be viewed here :

I have created basic 3d model in 3d Max. I matched the perspective and rendered fairly simple RGB pass and textured it in Photoshop. I used 3d trees in order to achieve maximum lighting accuracy, they are not hyper realistic but will have to do for now. Waterfalls come from various photos as well as the horizon line image.

If you would like to check out animation of this painting with waterfalls in motion and small foreground parallax please check out my reel at around 1min :


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