Monday, September 3, 2012

MPC Alien Cloudscape - Final Submission on

After countless hours I finally reached a point where I can't take this any further. I made a list of improvements and tried to troubleshoot my painting. There was around 10 elements which I worked on. They included:

1. Improve foreground clouds of the rings above the cumulonimbus formations
2. Add cirrus clouds on the upper levels as indicated in the concept
3. Improve air flow impression ( add another layer of lower consistency clouds )
4. Emphasise more natural look, storm air spinning feel
5. Add color variety throughout , try varies hues and add to the horizon line color diversity
6. Reduce highlights

I tried to follow the concept art as close as possible and introduced my ideas where there was some space left for creativity.

This was very difficult painting to create and I am happy I pushed myself to do it. The lessons learnt here will definitely pay off in the future. Results coming up in a week or so.