Tuesday, September 24, 2013

META - UI Concepts

I had the opportunity to help in development of applications concept art and user interface components of a very promising product - META Augmented Reality 3D Glasses. They are receiving lot of attention at the moment and I believe the product will revolutionize the virtual reality standards. Please check out their presentation here - https://www.spaceglasses.com/

Creation of the artwork attached is based on description of apps only. Specific situations photography is used as background combined it with 3d elements prepared in 3d Max. Photoshop treatment followed that step which included design of UI , superimposing content elements displayed within the glasses as well as special lighting effects of the interface. List of 'Killer Apps' can be found here together with the public applications popularity poll: https://www.spaceglasses.com/killer_apps

In total there were 15 pieces produced.

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