Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Light Harvester matte paintings and Reel 2013 WIP

Presenting some of the work I did for short film called 'The Light Harvester'.

The film was written by Jason Lei Howden in 2010 and green lit by the NZ Film Commission in 2011.
The Light Harvester

The images depict post apocalyptic city and a slum village where some of the events take place. The sun is gone from our world and the only way to survive is to get access to UV light.
Look out for the film online very soon!

The matte paintings break downs can be viewed on my WIP showreel 2013 which I will hopefully finish by the end of December - would love to hear your thoughts on that. Reel also includes work from The Great Gatsby. I will add few more shots and cut it tighter.

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