Sunday, December 29, 2013

SJB Green Squere

CG images created for SJB Architects. 301-303 Botany Road Zetland competition entry.

A of key aims have driven development of the project ideas as presented ( fragment of the text from submitted presentation document )

·· Delivery of more light to Green Square,
·· An active and flexible ground level enabling a diversity of retail offerings,
·· The insertion of significant landscape into the urban realm,
·· Returning of indigenous flora to the site,
·· An understanding of the building as a collection of smaller villages complete
with elevated streets,
·· Development of clean, clear and engaged common areas to ensure residents
have the ability to engage with the external environment and each other,
·· Investment in significant communal open spaces to enable residents to
casually interact,
·· Clarity of the architectural form to deliver a clear base, middle and top to the

SJB Architects

Images created in 3d Max/VRay. Modeling - 3d Max and Rhino.

The view from the balcony is 95% CG apart from people and tall grass immediately behind the ballustrade. Slope was filled with use of IGrass elements distributed on the surface through use of multiscatter (‎ ) Trees on the roof are also cg.

Balcony alternative view, more dramatic option

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